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    Cutting Through Indecision and Overthinking

    Spending a lot of time analyzing comes with opportunity cost.

    So how do we deal with this?

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    Hot Desking: Productivity Booster or Musical Chairs?

    Hot desking divides workspaces by use rather than person. Assigned desks and cubicles disappear; commonly shared breakout spaces take their place. The jury is out on hot desking’s productivity. Here’s what companies need to know.

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    The Smartest Managers Hire People Who Are Smarter Than Them

    Nobody's an expert at EVERYTHING -- business is simply too complex and fast changing! Whether you engage them for an assignment or hire them full time, here's how to effectively manage people with more experience or knowledge than you -- and make yourself, your team and your company even more successful.

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    Texting Interviews -- Do They Really Work?

    Dr. John Sullivan explains why that little smartphone in your hand is the next big thing in interviewing. Skeptical? Then read this.

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    Rubber Balls Make Great Leaders

    Well, maybe they don't -- but they do have one essential characteristic in common. Find out what it is, and how it can make you a remarkable manager (and a happier one, to boot!).

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    6 - 10 of 11
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